I want these. Both of them. Isn't my mom getting really good at designing pillows? The burlap one in the post before this already sold before I could tell her it wasn't selling so I should probably just give it a home :) Well, these two will be at Bee Angels around lunch time on Friday. Go get 'um before I play my trick.
Happy Easter!

Pretty as a Pillow

Mom made another pillow. And it's my favorite. And I did not keep it for myself. If you haven't been able to tell, that's the hard part about all of this :) Especially when burlap or twine is involved...Happy Weekend!

Bottles & Bags

New treasure at Bee Angels

This one almost did not make its escape from the Weld House. Actually quite a few of my finds from this last week did not make it and there are several that I made Mr. Welder talk me out of keeping, which means they are waiting for you to swoop them up and give them a new home. Believe me, your house will thank you for the excitement.

Wouldn't this be so cute with fresh cut flowers?

It was dark and late when I got around to taking pictures...so the Boxwood sprigs will have to do once again :)

Oh, and since I have your attention (is anyone there?), mom hand stitched some cute bags this week. I picked them up on the way to work so no time for a photo shoot so you'll just have to go by Bee Angels and see them. Just a clue to spark your curiosity-they're upcycled and earth friendly!

Falling for the Falling Apart...

So I obviously do not have my settings set on this blog...at least it appears that way as I type this post and the pictures are all over the place and the text is just kind of popping up in a weird spot. I'll try to fix that in the future, so please just bear with me if this ends up looking really crazy when I post it. I've added quite a few Weld House Ware items to Bee Angels this week. I decided to feature the item in this post since it was one that almost did not make it to the shop...and was the only one I did not have wrapped up for transport when I thought I should take a few photos to share. This cute cloche would look great in our master bedroom and after I finish the project/corner of the room I'm currently working on, I may just swoop it up...I threatened to steal a pillow on Bee Angels blog a while back and let's just say it now lives on our bed, so don't take my threatening lightly ;) Available for a limited time only-hehe. The other random picture is a dresser I purchased from the Restore. I went in to buy a packet of stencils I noticed a few weeks ago, and saw this pretty lady. She cost me a whole $1. Can you believe I bought a dresser for less than I paid for a set of paper stencils?!? Anyways, she is in terrible shape but has a cuteness I just couldn't pass up, so I stepped out on limb and handed my $1 to the clerk. Oh, and yes, I did notice an entire drawer is missing...

I also wanted to mention that the Weld House Ware items I added this week also include quite a few handmade items that my mom has been working on. She has done a great job and thanks to her, Bee Angels looks extra fun and exciting...new and fresh like Spring. I did post a few pictures on Bee Angels blog that shows off a few of the handmade items, but it's just a sample and the lighting wasn't the best, and I was in a hurry, so you should probably just go on over there :)

Well, I appreciate you stopping by this little ol' blog that is just kind of out here wondering if she'll ever consist of many posts or ever get much attention...I guess we all start out that way though.

Perfect Patina

Just in at Bee Angels.

Old Ironstone Saucers complete with twine and a twig.

Perfect for decorating or for giving as a gift.

Get them while you can.

There is no reordering these cuties.

Welders New Adventure

 We have quite the collection of these types memories.
 We love snooping and digging through what many would call junk.
 Though at times, it seems I could never possibly have too many wire baskets and metal buckets...
 Or chairs... for any of our visitors to ever have to stand...
 I don't think we could ever get over the excitement of finding treasures...
 But what do you do when you've already unloaded trailer after trailer...
And areas of your home look like this on a fairly regular basis???
Well, since we can't stop the hunting, recycling, building, and crafting,
We've decided to open up a little shop where our creations and finds can become your own.
And because our items could perfectly live at the Weld House...if we had anymore room that is...
We've decided to call our shop,
Weld House Wares
The Welders are excited to quit hogging all the treasures and start sharing.
Stay tuned for details about our grand opening.